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Tattoo Apprenticeships Birmingham

Tattoo Apprenticeships Birmingham

Dark Arts Tattoo School Birmingham


We have found that increasingly these days that people who want to get into the tattoo profession are finding apprenticeships, which traditionally were thought to be the way to get a start in the industry, are now virtually non-existent or very expensive and also there is a huge reluctance of some existing tattoo studios to share their knowledge and skills.

Here at Dark Arts we are keen to share our experience at a cost that we feel meets all budgets, we are pleased to announce that our new tattoo school will be offering 3 modules as detailed below at £1500 each, or if you book all 3 modules at a price of £3500 (a saving of £1000) each module is 2 weeks long, if you book all 3 you don't have to do them all together, we can work around your timeframes.

After successfully completing each Two Week Course, all students will be awarded a certificate of tattoo training from Dave at Dark Arts, there is also no final exam to take and therefore there is no possibility of anyone failing the course.


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Tattoo Apprenticeships Birmingham

We are Dark Arts Tattoo and Body Piercing, a professional and hygienic tattoo studio in Birmingham, Gloucestershire and the West Midlands. If you are interested in training to be a tattooist, contact us. Our excellent studio offers tattoo lessons and tattoo courses. With the tattoo apprenticeships at our studio, you will be trained by talented tattoo artists.

Tattoo Courses Gloucestershire

We are currently offering tattoo apprenticeships to people who are ambitious and very interested in tattooing. Our tattoo courses and tattoo lessons will include excellent training from experienced tattoo artists who have a been working in the industry for many years. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Tattoo Lessons West Midlands

With our tattoo apprenticeships, you will have the benefit of learning to tattoo in a fully equipped tattoo studio. If you take tattoo courses or tattoo lessons at our studio, your apprenticeship will not end until you can tattoo. Dark Arts Tattoo and Body Piercing are your best choice for excellent tattoo apprenticeships in Birmingham, Gloucestershire and the West Midlands.